The Foundation of Day Trading

Do you have the 3 things every successful trader needs?

# 1  An 80% Success Rate With Your Trades
# 2  A Strategy that works in Up and Down markets
# 3  A Tool that makes the heavy lifting for you

Trading is a lifelong pursuit, it is a marathon - not a sprint.

# 1 Learn How To Achieve An 80% Success Rate

The Traders Learning Path


Step #1


Step #2

4 Weeks

Step #3

2 Weeks

Step #4

12 Weeks

Step #5

4 Weeks

Get ready

Do your own independent research and reflect on this decision because it requires commitment.
Checking testimonials, features, videos and reviews can help you decide if you are still unsure.

Online Training Basics

Trader Genius TV, learn to trade anything the Trader Genius way. All levels - beginner to advanced. This highly organized system offers a complete training system that sets you up for success for the rest of your life.

Free Trial

The free Trial comes with a Coach exclusively assigned to you for the length of the trial period; walking you through the features of the program and answering your questions. All of our Coaches are active Traders, they started out the same way you did.


Practicing the Cornerstone Method. This structured learning approach is specifically aligned to take advantage of all the unique features the Day Trader Genius software offers.

Live Trading

During your transition period from Replay and Paper Trading to Live Trading, you will have a Mentorship. An experienced and knowledgeable Coach will help and guide you.

# 2 The 10% in 10 Minutes Strategy

“10% in 10 Minutes”, the  Strategy that works consistently in up and down markets


# 3 A platform that has it all

A platform created by traders, for traders, and is run by successful traders.


A platform unlike anything else, featuring exclusive one-of-a-kind tools:

  • Daily shortlist from over 6000 stocks; only stocks that move make the list
  • Unique Basket Indicator; composed of stocks that are the leaders
  • Power meter & minute log; market gauge with current momentum
  • Easy Buy/Sell buttons; trading with a mouse click
  • Options quad; lets you know which options are best based on statistical analysis
  • Market data & broker interface;  hassle-free integration

Want to keep learning and join our Community?

We only want people serious about trading and getting better to join our community.

Members of our Community are supported by our Coaches


All of them have mastered the Cornerstone method, and all of them were hand-picked for their approach-ability, trading knowledge, and dedication to helping others accomplish their financial dreams.

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You can expect a tight-knit community and like-minded people to share ideas with you and revel in your success, and at the end of the day, you will build wealth at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this kind of Day Trading where I trade stocks by means of options?
Yes, correct. Equities rise or fall, with options we participate in rising prices by means of call's or falling prices by means of put's.

Is it possible to learn day trading without previous knowledge?
Yes, Day Trader Genius provides everything you need to know about theory and practice through the comprehensive Training program that comes along with a membership. By learning and applying the cornerstone method specifically designed to accompany the 10% in 10 minutes strategy you are on the path for repeatable trading success. Additionally you always have the option to get as much coaching as you need to shorten the time to trade profitable.

Do I need a coach to get started?
Not necessarily, though there is a basic coaching included in the membership program. Coaching will help to shorten the learning curve, Day Trader Genius is unlike anything else and using it effectively requires mentor ship as well as information on how to use the tools effectively or what tools to use. All coaches are traders, they were hand-picked for their approach-ability, trading knowledge, and dedication to helping others accomplish their financial dreams.

How our members trade

Real Traders Just Like You. With Real Results.

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The G20 seemed to be helpful to propel some fresh enthusiasm.

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I'm normally a 1 trade/session guy, then I shut it down and enjoy my day. When trends jump off the screen at me, however, I gladly take advantage.

BABA came first, then AMZN screamed at me to pay attention -which paid off. I'll be writing a short article about how a new indicator helped me catch these profits, so watch out!

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My trade of the day, an early trade in AMZN. For me the leading factor here was the market turning bearish and trading a stock that I'm used to inside the risk zone. As soon as it hit t's previous low which was my target I got out.

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When stocks have a bad day, it doesn't mean we have to.

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TSLA again today. Profit planning makes these trades so much easier. What happened to this stock right after I exited the trade?

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Here was a trade I made this past Friday. By 7:15 am Pacific Time I made enough money to pay for all of my expenses this weekend. I didn't have to work 8 hours, attend project meetings, or meet any deadlines to do it. I am one grateful guy. We are one lucky group of people!

Who knows why I checked the Red box?

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I don't usually trade Fridays but when I woke up today noticed on my phone both DOW & NASDAQ indexes were down significantly again. I thought I'd give it a shot especially given option prices are so low on expiration day.

Scaling into and out of trades can be a very effective method to create great profits while managing your risk.

In the end it turned out to be $7318.93, not to shabby for a Friday.

Just those are my core stocks. Nice average range & good volatility. $NVDA is an interesting one for no apparent reason but it has been shorted by the market. Tracking that one for a couple weeks. While I am in a trade I also look at other movers for my next trade.

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Hey, geniuses! Sharing this morning's trade with the community. What topics does this spark in your brain? Did anybody else trade BABA or another ticker during this same time frame?

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Slow but not bad. Came along with the market....


SPY puts today. Made 34% in five min. Time was 1400 to 1405. In the AM I got 7% on NFLX calls. Companies are reporting earnings and everyone knows about the pullback in general market so the whole week has been lively. 👌🏼

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An oversized candle is one of the reasons I enter with a quick-trade expectation. What experiences have you guys had with conspicuously large candles for a ticker on a given day?

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13% less than a minute, the charts are too small scale but I think a trade review is coming!


Filters saved the day...


had to joined the move for a 15% gain as SHOP desperately wanted to reach the RA-line..