About Us

We are a community of real traders, and we are international.

Hello, and welcome to our community here at Day Trader Genius. We are very happy that you decided to check us out and find out more about who we are and the products and services that we offer. 
Perhaps most importantly for you is that we are a community of real traders. Anyone connected to our company, especially the coaches, actively trade using our program so we know it works. You can check out the "Trade of the Day" that is published daily on our Facebook page with comments on why the trade was put on to see this in action.

With over 20 years of development and use, we know the various strategies, tactics, and parameters that make successful trades. Using this experience our team will work with you to set up the program that best matches your style of trading and maximize the opportunity for you to succeed. Our program is simple to understand and once you go through The Basic Coaching available as part of your membership you will be up-and-running. But it is also sophisticated enough to meet the demands of very advanced traders who trade professionally. It’s really that good.

If you're still on the fence and unsure, we encourage you to fill out the contact us info and one of our coaches will reach out and set you up with a free trial of our replay software. This access allows you to practice trading with no risk, and they will work with you one-on-one during the trial to make sure you get comfortable with it, and ideally get you to a place where you are ready to make the next step.



My name is Steven Wright and it's my honor to serve as the President of Day Trader Genius.

Growing up in the south I learned to follow my passions very early in life. Some of those passions became careers and some turned into hobbies that all contributed to my philosophy of life. I remember my first trade. I was in Middle School and had a class on the stock market. In that class, I decided to buy shares of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (RMCF) for some arbitrary reason that probably had to do with my love for chocolate. My position doubled in value and from then on I was hooked. Constantly looking for the next challenge I ended up playing Division II collegiate football where I was fortunate to be apart of two National Championships. I was also lucky to meet the love of my life at that same college who became my wife about a year later. Post college I decided to join the USMC and served as an Infantry Officer for several years. From there I chose to pursue higher education and personal development outside the USMC in Hawaii. There I became introduced to systems thinking as a discipline and day trading the market. With a strong passion for adventure and the fortune of meeting some great mentors and friends along the way, I excelled in philosophy, systems thinking, coaching and day trading. Since then, I have dedicated my life to these ideas and never looked back. The Day Trader Genius team is an extension of my family and I am very happy to serve as its leader.



My name is Rob Younkins. I am your humble Coach and active trader within the Day Trader Genius (DTG) community. I currently reside in Colorado Springs, CO with my incredible wife and two hound dogs, where we enjoy hiking, working out, skiing, and grilling.

During my formative years, I worked on a historical Shaker farm near my upstate New York home. There, between driving oxen, harvesting ice, and tending the field crops, I discovered that I had a virtually limitless capacity for hard work. I carried this trait forward like a badge of honor into my Marine Corps service, completing seven combat deployments to the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters. I maintained this work ethic in my ensuing civilian positions, and have brought it to bear in our mutual passion realm since Steve welcomed me into the DTG family in 2015.

Becoming a proficient day trader is a pursuit which requires patience and discipline, but is accelerated with a warm, dedicated support network. Together, we will conquer every obstacle along your path to profitability - all while having a great time. The core strengths I offer you are direct and honest communication, understanding, reliability under any circumstances, and willingness to sacrifice for the DTG team and my students.



My name is Abraham “Abe” Webb and I am a former Marine infantry officer from Portland, Oregon. I ran track and field and cross country in college and won three conference championships with Western Oregon University. I decided to serve my country and joined the Marines in 2008. During this time I was fortunate enough to have traveled to 17 countries and I deployed 5 times in 8 years. I have been trading stocks since 2011 when my first foray into the market was when I bought shares of Southwest Airlines in 2011 with my first salary paycheck and have been holding on ever since, and increasing my positions while taking calculated risks to learn more and watching the market and through Steven’s mentorship and coaching began trading options in 2017. I love meeting new people, sharing experiences and learning something new every day. I have been married since 2015 and have the most handsome son. I am a fluent Spanish speaker, world traveler, and beer lover who currently lives in Kailua, Hawaii on the island of Oahu and I enjoy beach volleyball.


My name is Nathan Ellis. I am originally from a small town in Ohio but currently reside in Denver, Colorado. I have a beautiful wife who is currently active duty military and we are expecting a few new additions to our family in the form of twins!  I am an avid photographer, traveler, and love pretty much any activity that lets me enjoy the great outdoors. I had a very normal small-town upbringing. I played sports and loved to hunt and fish.

After the events of September 11, 2001, I decided to join the military and serve my country. I served through 4 combat deployments with 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment from 2003-2007. After separating from the military, I began working overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. I continued this work until late 2012 when I decided that it was time to find a new career path.

I was constantly searching for my niche and I found it in the form of day trading. My very first trade was an Option Call on Facebook that netted me a solid 5% profit. After that, I knew I had found what I was going to do. As I progressed through trading and learning the DTG software I realized that I didn’t want to just be a trader, I wanted to help those people who were trying to start trading. This has brought me to be a coach here at DTG. We have an extremely hardworking and dedicated team of coaches here and I am excited to be a part of it.


My name is Susan Pratt and I have been involved with the Day Trader Genius since March 2015.

When I was deciding what degree to study in university I was torn between Education and becoming a teacher or Business and getting into finance. After graduating with a Business degree, I worked in finance, sales, marketing, and management. Then my life took a turn an I decided to move to Seoul, South Korea to teach English for a year. Well, that ended up being 8.5 years teaching amazing students at the University of Seoul. Ironically I completed my Masters in Education while I was living abroad. From there I decided to move back to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia to be closer to my niece and nephew. Luckily, I met the love of my life here and we are engaged to be married. Presently, I am working in the finance industry and trading. My goal is to share my knowledge of the markets and the Day Trader Genius with you to help you succeed. Life is definitely a journey and I am here to enjoy the ride.


Dirk Riedel graduated with a degree in business administration and has spent 7 years working for the management-consulting firm KPMG before moving on to start his own consulting firm. After 10 years of running the firm as CEO he is ready for the new challenge, supporting and training the European students of the Day Trading Genius Community.

Dirk lives in Munich Germany and enjoys cycling, skiing and the Bavarian lifestyle.


My Name is Jim Gatsonides.

I got interested in investing in the stock market when I was thirteen years old when my Father told me and my brothers with new year that he would double our results that we made in one year. So I researched some stocks and bought a couple, ever since then I was hooked on investing and have never stopped doing it. I Studied Business Administration at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, where my major was in Financial Management where my interested in investing made me decide to do an internship at a bank and wrote a thesis on the performance of socially responsible companies and their performance with mergers and acquisitions compared to other companies on the stock market. After university, I went to work for my families company for a couple of years. However, investing was still where my passion was and so at one point, I decided to quit and just focus on investing. Now I’m an investor who does Coaching, Day and Swing Trading.


Hello traders! I'm Chris and I love trading, helping people, and acting. This seemingly odd combo allows me to grasp the logical components as well as the emotional awareness required to trade profitability.

I came from very little. When I was a child, we had just enough money to keep us from being classified as poor. There is a lot I could say about growing up but always being low on money taught me the value of it and due to our family business which I worked in, I also learned work ethic.

As an adult I secured an Information Technology job with a Fortune Global 100 company. Life's lessons can be brutal though. As it turns out, I got a job that paid well enough that I didn't have to think twice about buying a new pair of Nike's, something that was foreign as a kid. Sweet! Here is the trap that far too many of us come to know including myself; corporate life + cubicles are terrible. Those new Nike's weren't helping me run away from the hell I found myself in.

There has to be a better way. I thought this many nights as I scour the internet for ideas. One night as I was looking I found the Wall Street Genius software. I was excited but still skeptical. Could I really do what they were talking about, making 10% in 10 minutes on a trade? That's a powerful statement. Well, I am no stranger to taking a risk on something so I dove in. I practiced like crazy, doing hundreds of practice trades and then going live. The first month went GREAT! I was impressed, I put the work in, did what I practiced and made money - I saw the light. The following month I decided to increase the amount I was trading by 500 dollars. I made a week’s worth of trades like that and things went ok. Then, like the silverfish’s life I just ended on the wall of my LA apartment, my light went out. I proceeded to lose all the previous 5 weeks profit in the next three weeks. I went on a bumpy up and down roller coaster ride over many months, ultimately blowing my account. I tried everything I could think of to fix what I was doing but nothing seemed to work, I had made every mistake I could think of and thought it was time to throw in the towel.

What happened next was a miracle of sorts. An opportunity presented itself and I simply showed up. Looking back now, this was my "red pill" moment (a reference to the movie: The Matrix). I jumped down the rabbit hole, got coaching, and I'm not even kidding here, just 3 month later I turned in my resignation for that job I disliked so much. It still blows my mind how things have changed. My trading is on point with a process in place and I have a terrific new group of friends in the community we have here.

I look forward to helping be part of your "red pill" moment. Come be a part of our community. See you in the coaching sessions!