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Thanks to Day Trader Genius, our customers from various countries have become profitable traders and investors in the end.
They talk to us about their way of getting there, about their path to financial independence.

What makes a successful trader - from the perspective of our chief instructor Steven:

Hello fellow WSGers. I just had a great conversation with a great friend and student on the journey to trading success. There were some emergent themes that come up with almost everyone I have trained that I would like to share with you. The skill of trading requires dedication and laser focus to develop. Once acquired, the distinguishing factor that determines ones success or failure is following the rules of the proven system (Replay). It is not enough to just show up in the Live Market everyday and think that you are going to make it. Quality practice = Quality results. If you want to be a professional at this and create value through it you must be willing to continuously sharpen your skills. If you don't feel your trades yet, you need more practice. Once you feel the trades, you need more practice. Total commitment.

This morning after taking a moment to light a candle and some incense, I made my first real money trade. It was a success! I made 13.5% on a BIDU Call trade. I admit that, when I started looking at the trade, the stock prices were coming up in the Risk Zone so I waited until they rose above that area. And then I hesitated until I was confident that I could make a 10% profit on the trade. So, I offer many thanks to Allen and Scott for the Udemy courses, the videos and support on this page, and the excellent Wall Street Genius program that offers Replay for practice and then Day Trade for simulated trading and then real trading with Interactive Brokers. If I can do this, you can, too. Have a great day and, for those who celebrate it, a Happy Thanksgiving!

Margaret Bickley

After about three months of Replay and a month of paper trading I decided it was time to go live. Today was my first day of live trading and I did very well. I ended up with about a 20% gain. It's very exciting to watch this work after all the time and dedication that I have put into it. Thanks to Allen and Scott for all of your hard work and support.
Just a side note for all those who might be wondering. The live account seems to work much better than the paper trading account. At least for me it seems like it has far. I doesn't seem like you have to fight the entries or exit's near as bad. The live account seem's to get filled way easier

Brandon Huffaker

After attending the Cancun 2018 conference I learned so much about the incredible software, the need for the proper mindset to be a successful trader, and most importantly the awesome people who have created this community. Upon returning home, I engaged in impactful one-on-one coaching that will ensure my ongoing trading success. My advice: study well; practice seriously; take the opportunity to meet the people behind all of this and cap it off with coaching. This is a life changer if you engage in the process and do the work.

Scott, Ontario Canada

After only 2 months of practicing on replay and being coached by Steven, I am averaging 10.4 % per trade on over 1000 trades. Made my first live trade today. Wow!! can’t say enough good things about Steven and Day Trader Genius.

Troy, Colorado

I had used the trading software before on my own, before I learned about the Cornerstone method and I was getting very mixed trading results that meant I wasn't fully confident about my trading. At the beginning of 2018 I learned about Cornerstone and decided to sign up for coaching. Which has totally changed my trading, I now have a very solid plan and rules which now makes it possible for me to identify profitable trades with a higher probability. I feel confident now in my trading habits and I'm getting the results that I want.

Jim, Amsterdam

After many months of learning on my own utilizing “the Replay” in the trading software, I was frustrated because I was getting very mixed results. I then decided to start working with a coach, this was the best decision I could have made, and I only wished that I would have gone this route from the start. Working with my coach (Steven), he was able to provide the effective tools, with a path and mindset that lead to successful trading practices. We discovered & discussed weakness in my trading routine, and then Steven provided the guidance for improvement of my trading practice. This has yielded the best results that I have ever attained to date. I highly recommend enrolling in coaching ASAP in order to accelerate your trading.

Victor, California

Es war ein schönes Stück Arbeit mit der Simulation so lange zu üben bis ich profitable war. Dafür war dann der Umstieg zum Live-Trading einfacher.

Petra, Berlin